About the ECEC Conference

The European Compliance and Ethics Conference (ECEC) brings together thousands of compliance and ethics professionals from all over Europe to share and discuss best practice as well as current trends and challenges in the ethics and compliance world.

Speakers include representatives from leading companies and organisations such as Transparency International, FIFA, KPMG, Thales, Rhenus, Ethintegrity and compliance experts such as Prof. Christian Strenger, Klaus Moosmayer, Frank Staelens, Christian Hunt and many more (see this year’s programme for a full list).

The Corona crisis means that this year's ECEC will be a virtual-only event. In the future ECEC will be expanded to include a mixture of virtual sessions and on-site networking events in different European cities.

Sign up for the European Compliance and Ethics Conference (ECEC) and take part in:

  • Engaging, practical talks delivered by leading ethics and compliance experts from well-known companies and organisations
  • Online networking sessions which give you the opportunity to exchange experiences and information with compliance and ethics professionals from across Europe
  • Insightful country sessions which focus on current country-specific compliance topics and challenges in local languages

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